psychometric: Applied Psychometric Theory

Contains functions useful for correlation theory, meta-analysis (validity-generalization), reliability, item analysis, inter-rater reliability, and classical utility

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AuthorThomas D. Fletcher
Date of publication2010-08-08 12:41:38
MaintainerThomas D. Fletcher <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

ABHt32: Table 3.2 from Arthur et al

alpha: Cronbach's Coefficient Alpha

alpha.CI: Confidence Interval for Coefficient Alpha

artifacts: Artifact Distribtutions Used in Meta-Analysis

CAFAA: Compound Attenuation Factor for Meta-Analytic Artifact...

CIr: Confidence Interval for a Correlation Coefficient

CIrb: Confidence Interval about Sample Weighted Mean Correlation

CIrdif: Confidence Interval for the difference in Correlation...

CI.Rsq: Confidence Interval for R-squared

CI.Rsqlm: Confidence Interval for Rsq - from lm()

CI.tscore: Confidence Intervals for Test Scores

CIz: Confidence Interval for Fisher z'

ClassUtil: Classical Utility of a Test

CredIntRho: Credibility Interval for Meta-Analytic Rho

cRRr: Correction for Range Restriction

CVF: Compound Variance Factor for Meta-Analytic Artifact...

CVratio: Content Validity Ratio

discrim: Item Discrimination

EnterMeta: Enter Meta-Analysis Data

Est.true: Estimation of a True Score

FileDrawer: File Drawer N

FunnelPlot: Funnel Plot for Meta-Analysis

HSJt35: Table 3.5 Hunter et al.

ICC.CI: Confidence interval for the Intra-class Correlation

ICC.lme: Intraclass Correlation Coefficient from a Mixed-Effects Model

item.exam: Item Analysis

MetaTable: Summary function for 'Complete' Meta-Analysis

psychometric-package: Applied Psychometric Theory

pvaaa: Percent of Variance Accounted for by Artifacts in Rho

pvse: Percent of variance due to sampling error

Qrbar: Meta-Analytic Q statistic for r-bar

Qrho: Meta-Analytic Q statistic for rho

r2z: Fisher r to z'

rbar: Sample size weighted mean correlation

rdif.nul: Null hypothesis for difference in two correlations

rhoCA: Meta-Analytically Derived Correlation Coefficient Corrected...

r.nil: Nil hypothesis for a correlation

SBrel: Spearman-Brown Prophecy Formulae

SE.Meas: Standard Errors of Measurement (test scores)

SErbar: Standard Error for Sample Size Weighted Mean Correlation

SEz: Standard Error of Fishers z prime

TestScores: Fictitious Test Scores for Illustrative Purposes

Utility: Marginal and Total Utility of a Test

varAV: Variance Due to Attenuating Artifacts

vare: Sampling Error Variance

varr: Sample Size weighted variance

varRCA: Variance in Meta-Analytic Rho

varRes: Residual Variance in Meta-Analytic Correlation

varResT: True residual variance in correlations

z2r: Fisher z' to r


ABHt32 Man page
alpha Man page
alpha.CI Man page
aprox.Qrbar Man page
aprox.vare Man page
apt Man page
aRxx Man page
bRyy Man page
CAFAA Man page
CI.alpha Man page
CI.obs Man page
CIr Man page
CIrb Man page
CIrbar Man page
CIrdif Man page
CI.Rsq Man page
CI.Rsqlm Man page
CI.tscore Man page
CIz Man page
ClassUtil Man page
CredIntRho Man page
cRR Man page
cRRr Man page
CVF Man page
CVratio Man page
discrim Man page
EnterMeta Man page
Est.true Man page
FileDrawer Man page
FISHER r to z Man page
Fisher z to r Man page
FunnelPlot Man page
HSJt35 Man page
ICC1.CI Man page
ICC1.lme Man page
ICC2.CI Man page
ICC2.lme Man page
ICC.CI Man page
ICC.lme Man page
item.exam Man page
MargUtil Man page
MetaTable Man page
psychometric Man page
psychometric-package Man page
pvaaa Man page
pvse Man page
Qrbar Man page
Qrho Man page
r2z Man page
rbar Man page
rdif.nul Man page
rhoCA Man page
r.nil Man page
r.null Man page
SBlength Man page
SBrel Man page
SE.Est Man page
SE.Meas Man page
SE.Pred Man page
SErbar Man page
SERHET Man page
SERHOM Man page
SEz Man page
SpearmanBrown Man page
TestScores Man page
TotUtil Man page
Utility Man page
varAV Man page
vare Man page
vare36 Man page
varr Man page
varRCA Man page
varRes Man page
varResT Man page
z2r Man page

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