Man pages for psychonetrics
Structural Equation Modeling and Confirmatory Network Analysis

algebraMatricesModel matrices used in derivatives
bifactorBi-factor models
bootstrapBootstrap a psychonetrics model
changedataChange the data of a psychonetrics object
CIplotPlot Analytic Confidence Intervals
compareModel comparison
convenienceConvenience functions
covMLMaximum likelihood covariance estimate
diagnosticsDiagnostic functions
dlvm1_familyLag-1 dynamic latent variable model family of psychonetrics...
emergencystartReset starting values to simple defaults
esaErgodic Subspace Analysis
factorscoresCompute factor scores
fitPrint fit indices
fixpar_freeparParameters modification
fixstartAttempt to Fix Starting Values
generateGenerate data from a fitted psychonetrics object
getmatrixExtract an estimated matrix
getVCOVObtain the asymptotic covariance matrix
groupequal_groupfreeGroup equality constrains
IsingIsing model
JonasJonas dataset
latentgrowthLatnet growth curve model
logbookRetrieve the psychonetrics logbook
lvm_familyContinuous latent variable family of psychonetrics models
meta_varcovVariance-covariance and GGM meta analysis
MIsPrint modification indices
ml_lvmMulti-level latent variable model family
ml_tsdlvm1Multi-level Lag-1 dynamic latent variable model family of...
modelsearchStepwise model search
modelupdateModel updating functions
parametersPrint parameter estimates
parequalSet equality constrains across parameters
partialprunePartial pruning of multi-group models
pruneStepdown model search by pruning non-significant parameters.
psychonetrics-classClass '"psychonetrics"'
psychonetrics_log-classClass '"psychonetrics"'
psychonetrics-packageStructural Equation Modeling and Confirmatory Network...
runmodelRun a psychonetrics model
setverboseShould messages of computation progress be printed?
simplestructureGenerate factor loadings matrix with simple structure
StarWarsStar Wars dataset
stepupStepup model search along modification indices
transmodTransform between model types
tsdlvm1_familyLag-1 dynamic latent variable model family of psychonetrics...
unionmodel_intersectionmodelUnify models across groups
var1_familyLag-1 vector autoregression family of psychonetrics models
varcov_familyVariance-covariance family of psychonetrics models
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