Man pages for quanteda.textmodels
Scaling Models and Classifiers for Textual Data

affinityInternal function to fit the likelihood scaling mixture...
as.coefficients_textmodelCoerce various objects to coefficients_textmodel This is a...
as.matrix.csr.dfmconvert a dfm into a matrix.csr from SparseM package
as.statistics_textmodelCoerce various objects to statistics_textmodel
as.summary.textmodelAssign the summary.textmodel class to a list
coef.textmodel_caExtract model coefficients from a fitted textmodel_ca object
data_corpus_dailnoconf1991Confidence debate from 1991 Irish Parliament
data_corpus_EPcoaldebateCrowd-labelled sentence corpus from a 2010 EP debate on coal...
data_corpus_irishbudget2010Irish budget speeches from 2010
data_corpus_moviereviewsMovie reviews with polarity from Pang and Lee (2004)
force_conformanceInternal function to match a dfm features to a target set
friendly_class_undefined_messagePrint friendly object class not defined message
influence.predict.textmodel_affinityCompute feature influence from a predicted textmodel_affinity...
message_errorReturn an error message
predict.textmodel_affinityPrediction for a fitted affinity textmodel
predict.textmodel_lrPrediction from a fitted textmodel_lr object
predict.textmodel_nbPrediction from a fitted textmodel_nb object
predict.textmodel_svmPrediction from a fitted textmodel_svm object
predict.textmodel_svmlinPrediction from a fitted textmodel_svmlin object
predict.textmodel_wordfishPrediction from a textmodel_wordfish method
predict.textmodel_wordscoresPredict textmodel_wordscores
print.coefficients_textmodelPrint methods for textmodel features estimates This is a...
print.statistics_textmodelImplements print methods for textmodel_statistics
print.summary.textmodelprint method for summary.textmodel
print.textmodel_wordfishprint method for a wordfish model
summary.textmodel_lrsummary method for textmodel_lr objects
summary.textmodel_nbsummary method for textmodel_nb objects
summary.textmodel_svmsummary method for textmodel_svm objects
summary.textmodel_svmlinsummary method for textmodel_svmlin objects
summary.textmodel_wordfishsummary method for textmodel_wordfish
textmodel_affinityClass affinity maximum likelihood text scaling model
textmodel_affinity-internalInternal methods for textmodel_affinity
textmodel_caCorrespondence analysis of a document-feature matrix
textmodel_lrLogistic regression classifier for texts
textmodel_lsaLatent Semantic Analysis
textmodel_lsa-postestimationPost-estimations methods for textmodel_lsa
textmodel_nbNaive Bayes classifier for texts
textmodelsquanteda.textmodels: Scaling Models and Classifiers for...
textmodel_svmLinear SVM classifier for texts
textmodel_svmlin[experimental] Linear SVM classifier for texts
textmodel_wordfishWordfish text model
textmodel_wordscoresWordscores text model
textplot_influenceInfluence plot for text scaling models
unused_dotsRaise warning of unused dots
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