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Quantile Regression

akjDensity Estimation using Adaptive Kernel method
anova.rqAnova function for quantile regression fits
bandwidth.rqbandwidth selection for rq functions
barroBarro Data
boot.crqBootstrapping Censored Quantile Regression
boot.rqBootstrapping Quantile Regression
BoscoBoscovich Data
CobarOreCobar Ore data
combosOrdered Combinations
critvalHotelling Critical Values
crqFunctions to fit censored quantile regression models
ditherFunction to randomly perturb a vector
dynrqDynamic Linear Quantile Regression
engelEngel Data
FAQFAQ and ChangeLog of a package
gaspriceTime Series of US Gasoline Prices
KhmaladzeTestTests of Location and Location Scale Shift Hypotheses for...
kuantileQuicker Sample Quantiles
latexMake a latex version of an R object
latex.summary.rqsMake a latex table from a table of rq results
latex.tableWrites a latex formatted table to a file Least Squares
lprqlocally polynomial quantile regression
MammalsGarland(1983) Data on Running Speed of Mammals
nlrqFunction to compute nonlinear quantile regression estimates
nlrq.controlSet control parameters for nlrq
PeirceC.S. Peirce's Auditory Response Data
plot.KhmaladzeTestPlot a KhmaladzeTest object
plot.rq.processplot the coordinates of the quantile regression process
plot.rqsVisualizing sequences of quantile regressions
plot.rqssPlot Method for rqss Objects
plot.summary.rqsVisualizing sequences of quantile regression summaries
predict.rqQuantile Regression Prediction
predict.rqssPredict from fitted nonparametric quantile regression...
print.KhmaladzeTestPrint a KhmaladzeTest object
print.rqPrint an rq object
print.summary.rqPrint Quantile Regression Summary Object
qriskFunction to compute Choquet portfolio weights
qssAdditive Nonparametric Terms for rqss Fitting
QTECoxFunction to obtain QTE from a Cox model
ranksQuantile Regression Ranks
residuals.nlrqReturn residuals of an nlrq object
rqQuantile Regression
rq.fitFunction to choose method for Quantile Regression Regression Fitting by Exterior Point Methods Regression Fitting via Interior Point Methods Regression Fitting via Interior Point Methods quantile regression fitting Penalized Quantile Regression Algorithm for Quantile Regression Quantile Regression Regression Quantile Fitting Constrained Regression Quantile Fitting
rq.objectLinear Quantile Regression Object
rqProcessCompute Standardized Quantile Regression Process
rq.process.objectLinear Quantile Regression Process Object
rqs.fitFunction to fit multiple response quantile regression models
rqssAdditive Quantile Regression Smoothing
rqss.objectRQSS Objects and Summarization Thereof
rq.wfitFunction to choose method for Weighted Quantile Regression
sfn.controlSet Control Parameters for Sparse Fitting
sriskMarkowitz (Mean-Variance) Portfolio Optimization
summary.crqSummary methods for Censored Quantile Regression
summary.rqSummary methods for Quantile Regression
summary.rqssSummary of rqss fit
table.rqTable of Quantile Regression Results
uisUIS Drug Treatment study data
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