Man pages for quantregGrowth
Growth Charts via Smooth Regression Quantiles with Automatic Smoothness Estimation and Additive Terms

gcrqGrowth charts regression quantiles with automatic smoothness...
growthDataSimulated data to illustrate capabilities of the package
ncross.rq.fitXBEstimation of noncrossing regression quantiles with...
plot.gcrqPlot method for gcrq objects
predict.gcrqPrediction for "gcrq" objects
print.gcrqPrint method for the gcrq class
psSpecifying a smooth term in the gcrq formula.
quantregGrowth-packageGrowth Charts via Smooth Regression Quantiles with Automatic...
summary.gcrqSummarizing model fits for growth charts regression quantiles
vcov.gcrqVariance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted 'cgrq' Model
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