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Fits non-crossing regression quantiles as a function of linear covariates and smooth terms via B-splines with difference penalties. Automatic smoothness estimation for several spline terms is allowed.


Package: quantregGrowth
Type: Package
Version: 1.1-0
Date: 2021-03-24
License: GPL

Package quantregGrowth allows estimation of growth charts via quantile regression. Given a set of percentiles, gcrq estimates non-crossing quantile curves as a flexible function of quantitative covariates (typically age), and possibly additional linear terms. To ensure flexibility, B-splines with a difference L1 penalty are employed to estimate nonparametrically the curves; additionally monotonicity and concavity constraints may be also set. Multiple smooth terms are allowed and the amount of smoothness for each term is efficiently included in the model fitting algorithm, see Muggeo et al. (2020). plot.gcrq displays the fitted lines along with observations and poitwise confidence intervals.


Vito M.R. Muggeo

Maintainer: Vito M.R. Muggeo <vito.muggeo@unipa.it>


Muggeo VMR, Torretta F, Eilers PHC, Sciandra M, Attanasio M (2020). Multiple smoothing parameters selection in additive regression quantiles, Statistical Modelling, to appear.

Muggeo VMR, Sciandra M, Tomasello A, Calvo S (2013). Estimating growth charts via nonparametric quantile regression: a practical framework with application in ecology, Environ Ecol Stat, 20, 519-531.

Muggeo VMR (2018). Using the R package quantregGrowth: some examples.

Some references on growth charts (the first two papers employ the so-called LMS method)

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Some references on regression quantiles

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gcrq, rq in package quantreg


#see ?gcrq for some examples

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