getSpeciesCode: Get BDAT species code or transform it to a name.

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getSpeciesCodeR Documentation

Get BDAT species code or transform it to a name.


Function to get BDAT species code, or transform it to a german or english name, possibly an abbreviated version or even a scientific name


getSpeciesCode(inSp = NULL, outSp = NULL)



species information given, either numeric or character


character vector of names, for which information should be returned


The function matches inSp to outSp. Depending on inSp, being either a numeric vector of values between 1 and 36 or a character vector of species names. Possible names are those which could be return values. One can get all names and the respective species code by calling the function with inSP=NULL and outSP=NULL (the default).

English species names and codes are taken from$FILE/PF2011_Tree_Species.pdf while slightly adjusting the codes to be unique compared to the german codes (e.g. European larch is now ELA instead of EL).

Any given species code outside the interval [1, 36] is given the code 1 (i.e. Norway spruce), while throwing a warning. If any inSp - name is invalid, i.e. not in species list, this throws an error.

All elements of outSp, which are not colnames of the default returned data.frame, are silently dropped.


vector or data.frame, depending on length of 'outSp'.


getSpeciesCode(inSp = NULL, outSp = NULL) ## the default
getSpeciesCode() ## the same
getSpeciesCode(outSp = "scientific")
getSpeciesCode(inSp = c(1, 2)) ## giving codes
getSpeciesCode(inSp = c(1, 2, -1, 37)) ## values outside [1, 36] are given code 1
getSpeciesCode(inSp = c(1, 2), outSp = c("scientific")) ## output a vector
getSpeciesCode(inSp = c("Bu", "Fi")) ## asking for codes of abbreviated german names
getSpeciesCode(inSp = c("Bu", "Fi", "Bu")) ## order is preserved
getSpeciesCode(inSp = c("Buche", "Fichte")) ## asking for codes of german names
getSpeciesCode(inSp = c("BE", "NS")) ## ... abbreviated english names
getSpeciesCode(inSp = c("beech", "Norway spruce")) ## ... english names
getSpeciesCode(inSp = c("Fagus sylvatica", "Picea abies")) ### ... scientific names

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