Man pages for rEMM
Extensible Markov Model for Modelling Temporal Relationships Between Clusters

16SCount Data for 16S rRNA Sequences
buildBuilding an EMM using New Data
clusterData stream clustering with tNN
combineCombining EMM Objects
DerwentDerwent Catchment Data
DSC_EMMDSC Interface for EMM and tNN (package stream)
EMMCreator for Class "EMM"
EMM-classClass "EMM"
EMMsimSynthetic Data to Demonstrate EMMs
EMMTrafficHypothetical Traffic Data Set for EMM
fadeFading Cluster Structure and EMM Layer
find_clustersFind the EMM State/Cluster for an Observation
mergeMerge States of an EMM
plot.EMMVisualize EMM Objects
predictPredict a Future State
prunePrune States and/or Transitions
reclusterReclustering EMM states
removeRemove States/Clusters or Transitions from an EMM
scoreScore a New Sequence Given an EMM
smooth_transitionsSmooths transition counts between neighboring states/clusters
synthetic_streamCreate a Synthetic Data Stream
tNN-classClass "tNN"
TRAC-classTRAC: Creating a Markov Model from a Regular Clustering
TRACDS-classClass "TRACDS"
transitionAccess Transition Probabilities/Counts in an EMM
transition_tableExtract a Transition Table for a New Sequence Given an EMM
updateUpdate a TRACDS temporal structure with new state...
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