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Class "EMM"


This class represents the extensible Markov Model. It consists of a simple data stream clustering algorithm (class "tNN") and a temporal layer (class "TRACDS").

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created using the creator function EMM or by directly calling new("EMM", ...). Most slots for the extended classes can be used as parameters for EMM.


The slots are described in corresponding the extended classes (see section Extends).


Class "tNN", directly. Class "TRACDS", directly.



signature(x = "EMM"): Make a copy of the EMM object. Making explicit copies is necessary since the subclasses store information in environments which are not copied for regular assignements.


signature(x = "EMM"): Returns the size of the EMM (number of clusters/states).


M.H. Dunham, Y. Meng, J. Huang (2004): Extensible Markov Model, In: ICDM '04: Proceedings of the Fourth IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, pp. 371–374.

See Also

build, fade, merge_clusters, plot, prune, rare_clusters, rare_transitions, remove_clusters, remove_transitions, remove_selftransitions, recluster, and score.

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