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Epistemic Network Analysis

add_groupAdd a group mean to an ena.plot
add_networkAdd a network to an ENA plot
add_pointsPlot points on an ena.plot
add_trajectoryPlot a trajectory on an ena.plot vector as
as.ena.matrixRe-class matrix as ena.matrix
as.ena.metadataRe-class matrix as ena.metadata
as.matrix.ena.connectionsENA Connections as a matrix
as.matrix.ena.line.weightsENA line weights as matrix
as.matrix.ena.matrixMatrix without metadata
as.matrix.ena.nodesENA nodes as matrix
as.matrix.ena.pointsENA points as matrix
as.matrix.ena.rotation.matrixENA rotations as matrix
as.matrix.row.connectionsENA row connections as matrix
cash-.ena.metadataExtract metadata easily
cash-.ena.pointsExtract points easily
cash-.line.weightsExtract line.weignts easily
connection.matrixConnection counts as square matrix
enaWrapper to generate, and optionally plot, an ENA model
ena.accumulate.dataAccumulate data from a data frame into a set of adjacency...
ena.conversationsFind conversations by unit
ena_correlationCalculate the correlations
ena.correlationsCalculate the correlations
ENAdataENAdata R6class
ena.groupCompute summary statistic for groupings of units using given...
ena.make.setGenerate ENA Set
ena.plotGenerate a plot of an ENAset
ENAplotENAset R6class
ena.plot.groupPlot of ENA set groups
ena.plot.networkPlot an ENA network
ena.plot.pointsPlot points on an ENAplot
ena.plotterWrapper to generate plots of units, groups, and networks
ena.plot.trajectoryPlot of ENA trajectories Rotate by mean
ENARotationSetENARotationSet R6class
ENAsetENAset R6class
ena.set.creatorWrapper to generate an ENA model
ena.svdENA SVD
ena.writeupCalculate the correlations
find_code_colsFind code columns
find_dimension_colsFind dimension columns
find_meta_colsFind metadata columns
fun_cohens.dCohen's d
fun_skip_sphere_normNon sphere norm
fun_sphere_normSphere norm
merge_columns_cMerge data frame columns
namesToAdjacencyKeyNames to Adjacency Key
plot.ena.setPlot an ena.set object
remove_meta_dataRemove meta columns from data.table
rENArENA creates ENA sets
RS.dataCoded Rescushell Chat Data
vector_to_utvector to upper triangle
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