Man pages for rENA
Epistemic Network Analysis

cohens.dCohen's d
ena.accumulate.dataAccumulate data from a data frame into a set of adjacency...
ena.conversationsFind conversations by unit
ena.correlationsCalculate the correlations
ENAdataENAdata R6class
ena.groupCompute summary statistic for groupings of units using given...
ena.make.setGenerate ENA Set
ena.plotGenerate a plot of an ENAset
ENAplotENAset R6class
ena.plot.groupPlot of ENA set groups
ena.plot.networkPlot an ENA network
ena.plot.pointsPlot points on an ENAplot
ena.plot.trajectoryPlot of ENA trajectories Rotate by mean
ENARotationSetENARotationSet R6class
ENAsetENAset R6class
ena.svdENA SVD
ena.writeupCalculate the correlations
group.statsGroup Stats
namesToAdjacencyKeyNames to Adjacency Key
rENArENA creates ENA sets
RS.dataCoded Rescushell Chat Data
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