Man pages for rase
Range Ancestral State Estimation for Phylogeography and Comparative Analyses

add.densPlot the Posterior Density for each Ancestor in 3D Space
add.polygonsPlot the Distributions for the Phylogenetic Tips in 3D
bigauss_pdfBivariate Gaussian PDF
bm_aseBayesian Ancestral State Estimation with Points
bm_loglik_ancestorsLikelihood of ancestors using points
bm_loglik_duoLikelihood of a 2-dimensional point with one daughter and one...
bm_loglik_treePoint Brownian motion tree likelihood
bm_loglik_tree_constrainedRange Brownian motion tree likelihood
bm_loglik_trioFast likelihood of a 2-dimensional point with two daughters...
bm_propose_duoMCMC proposal for a 2-dimensional point with one daughter and...
bm_propose_trioMCMC proposal for a 2-dimensional point with two daughters...
data.for.3dTransform Output for 3D Plotting
make_bm_est_sigma2Estimate Sigma and Sigma Variance
make_bm_loglik_ancestors_polyFast likelihood of ancestors using polygons
name.polyName & Order Polygons According to the Phylogeny
phylo.3dPlots a Phylogenic Tree in 3D Maximum Likelihood of Point Brownian Motion
poly_centerCalculate the Polygon Center Maximumn Likelihood of Range Brownian Motion
raseBayesian Range Ancestral State Estimation of Polygons
rase_dataPsophia Data Used for rase Package
rase-packageRange Ancestral State Estimation
rase.sliceAncestral State Estimation At Any Given Time Slice a Shapefile into 'owin.object' Format
tree.sliceIdentify Tree Branches That Intersect With a Given Time...
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