Defines functions executeExploreGGRaptR

#' Perform the required operations for displaying interactive plot generator.
#' Time-stamp: <2017-08-10 17:07:41 Graham Williams>
executeExploreGGRaptR <- function(df_name, df)
  # Check prerequisite packages.

  if (!packageIsAvailable("ggraptR", 
                          Rtxt("interactively generate ggplot2 graphics")))
  startLog(Rtxt("Display interactive plot builder."))

  df_file <- 'ggraptr_df.rds'
  saveRDS(df, file=df_file)
  r_expr <- sprintf(
    '%s <- readRDS(\'%s\');file.remove(\'%s\');ggraptR::ggraptR(%s, port=5002)', 
    df_name, df_file, df_file, df_name)
  appendLog("Initiate the ggraptR application in a browser", r_expr)
  system(sprintf('R -q --vanilla -e "%s"', r_expr), wait=F, intern=F) 

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