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Simulation Methods for Legislative Redistricting

add_referenceAdd a reference plan to a set of plans
avg_by_precAverage a variable by precinct
classify_plansHierarchically classify a set of redistricting plans
compare_plansMake a comparison between two sets of plans
constraintsSampling constraints
fl25Florida 25 Precinct Shape File
fl250Florida 250 Precinct Shape File
fl25_adjFlorida 25 Precinct File
fl25_enumAll Partitions of 25 Precincts into 3 Congressional Districts...
fl70Florida 70 Precinct Shape File
get_adjGet and set the adjacency graph from a 'redist_map' object
get_existingExtract the existing district assignment from a 'redist_map'...
get_mh_acceptance_rateExtract the Metropolis Hastings Acceptance Rate
get_plans_matrixExtract the matrix of district assignments from a...
get_plans_weightsExtract the sampling weights from a redistricting simulation.
get_pop_tolGet and set the population tolerance from a 'redist_map'...
get_sampling_infoExtract the sampling information from a redistricting...
get_targetExtract the target district population from a 'redist_map'...
iowaIowa County File
is_contiguousCheck that a 'redist_map' object is contiguous
is_county_splitIdentify which counties are split by a plan
last_planExtract the last plan from a set of plans
match_numbersRenumber districts to match an existing plan
merge_byMerge map units
min_move_parityCalculates Sparse Population Moves to Minimize Population...
number_byRenumber districts to match a quantity of interest
persilyLocal Plan Optimization
pick_a_planPick One Plan from Many Plans
plans_diversityCalculate the diversity of a set of plans
plot.redist_classifiedPlot a plan classification
plot.redist_constrVisualize constraints
plot.redist_mapPlot a 'redist_map'
plot.redist_plansSummary plots for '\link{redist_plans}'
prec_assignmentExtract the district assignments for a precinct across all...
prec_cooccurrenceCompute a matrix of precinct co-occurrences
print.redist_classifiedPrint redist_classified objects
print.redist_constrGeneric to print redist_constr
print.redist_mapGeneric to print redist_map
print.redist_plansPrint method for 'redist_plans'
pullbackPull back plans to unmerged units
rbind.redist_plansCombine multiple sets of redistricting plans
redist.adjacencyAdjacency List functionality for redist Frontier Size
redist_ciConfidence Intervals for SMC and MCMC Estimates
redist.coarsen.adjacencyCoarsen Adjacency List
redist.combine(Deprecated) Combine successive runs of 'redist.flip'
redist.combine.anneal(Deprecated) redist.combine.anneal
redist.combine.mpiCombine successive runs of 'redist.mcmc.mpi'
redist.compactnessCalculate compactness measures for a set of plans
redist.competitivenessCompute Competitiveness
redist_constrSet up constraints for sampling
redist.constraint.helperCreate Constraints for SMC
redist.county.idCreate County IDs
redist.county.relabelRelabel Discontinuous Counties
redist.crsgRedistricting via Compact Random Seed and Grow Algorithm
redist.diagplotDiagnostic plotting functionality for MCMC redistricting.
redist.distancesCompute Distance between Partitions
redist.dist.pop.overlapCompare the Population Overlap Across Plans at the District...
redist.district.splitsCounts the Number of Counties within a District
redist.enumpartEnumerate All Parititions (Fifield et al. 2020)
redist.findparamsRun parameter testing for 'redist.flip'
redist.find.targetFind Majority Minority Remainder
redist_flip'Flip' Markov Chain Monte Carlo Redistricting Simulation...
redist.flip(Deprecated) Flip MCMC Redistricting Simulator
redist_flip_annealFlip MCMC Redistricting Simulator using Simulated Annealing
redist.flip.anneal(Deprecated) Flip MCMC Redistricting Simulator using...
redist.freezeFreeze Parts of a Map Group Proportion by District
redist.identify.coresIdentify Cores of a District (Heuristic)
redist.init.enumpartInitialize enumpart
redist.ipwInverse probability reweighting for MCMC Redistricting
redist_mapCreate a 'redist_map' object.
redist.mcmc.mpiMCMC Redistricting Simulator using MPI
redist_mergesplitMerge-Split/Recombination MCMC Redistricting Sampler (Carter...
redist_mergesplit_parallelParallel Merge-Split/Recombination MCMC Redistricting Sampler
redist.metricsCalculate gerrymandering metrics for a set of plans
redist.multisplitsCounts the Number of Counties Split Between 3 or More...
redist.muni.splitsCounts the Number of Municipalities Split Between Districts
redist-packageSimulation Methods for Legislative Redistricting
redist.parityCalculates Maximum Deviation from Population Parity
redist_plansA set of redistricting plans
redist.plot.adjCreates a Graph Overlay
redist.plot.coresPlot Cores
redist.plot.distr_qtysPlot quantities by district
redist.plot.histPlot a histogram of a summary statistic
redist.plot.interactiveDisplay an interactive map
redist.plot.majminMajority Minority Plots
redist.plot.mapPlot a Map
redist.plot.penalty(Deprecated) Visualize Group Power Penalty
redist.plot.plansPlot a district assignment
redist.plot.scatterScatter plot of plan summary statistics
redist.plot.traceMake a traceplot for a summary statistic
redist.plot.varinfoStatic Variation of Information Plot
redist.plot.wted.adjPlot Weighted Border Adjacency
redist.prec.pop.overlapCompare the Population Overlap Across Plans at the Precinct...
redist.prep.enumpartPrepares a run of the enumpart algorithm by ordering edges
redist.prep.polsbypopperPrep Polsby Popper Perimeter Dataframe
redist_quantile_truncHelper function to truncate importance weights
redist.random.subgraphReturn a random subgraph of a shape Results from enumpart
redist.reduce.adjacencyReduce Adjacency List
redist.reorderReorders district numbers
redist.rsgRedistricting via Random Seed and Grow Algorithm the enumpart algorithm
redist.segcalcSegregation index calculation for MCMC redistricting.
redist_shortburstRedistricting Optimization through Short Bursts
redist.sink.planSink Plans to 1:ndists
redist_smcSMC Redistricting Sampler (McCartan and Imai 2020)
redist.smc_is_ci(Deprecated) Confidence Intervals for Importance Sampling...
redist.splitsCount County Splits
redist.subsetSubset a shp
redist.uncoarsenUncoarsen a District Matrix
redist.wted.adjCreate Weighted Adjacency Data
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
scorer-arithScoring function arithmetic
scorersScoring functions for 'redist_shortburst'
subset_sampledSubset to sampled or reference draws
summary.redist_plansDiagnostic information on sampled plans
tally_varTally a variable by district
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