repijson: Tools for Handling EpiJSON (Epidemiology Data) Files

Supplies classes and routines to convert data to and from EpiJSON files. This package provides conversion functions for data.frame, sp and obkData.

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AuthorAndy South [aut, cre], Thomas Finnie [aut], Ellie Sherrard-Smith [aut], Ana Bento [aut], Thibaut Jombart [aut]
Date of publication2015-06-16 01:19:04
MaintainerAndy South <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages Convert an ej attribute to a dataframe convert an ejObject to a dataframe with one row per record

as.ejObject: generic as function Convert a dataframe to an ejObject

as.ejObject.default: By default we don't know how to convert objects

as.ejObject.obkData: This function processes objects from the obkClass data and...

as.SpatialPointsDataFrame.ejEvent: convert an ejEvent to a SpatialPointsDataFrame

as.SpatialPointsDataFrame.ejObject: Create a SpatialPointsDataFrame from an ejObject

as.SpatialPointsDataFrame.ejRecord: convert an ejRecord to a SpatialPointsDataFrame

attributeAsJSON: Convert an attribute into JSON

box2: generic labelled box function

create_ejAttribute: Create an attribute This package outlines the aspects of the...

create_ejEvent: Create an event

create_ejMetadata: Create metadata

create_ejObject: Create an object

create_ejRecord: Create a record

dataFrameToAttributes: The general functions that are used in multiple sections of...

define_ejEvent: Creates a event definition

ejAttributes: Extract the attributes from an EpiJson Object

ejRecords: Extract the records from an EpiJson Object

epiJSON2r: converting epiJSON into a list of lists

epijsonObjectVis: to view the structure of epijson objects and/or schema...

notNA: Return a value only if another is not NA

objectAsJSON: Convert an ejObject into JSON

print.ejAttribute: print an ejAttribute object

print.ejEvent: print an ejEvent object

print.ejMetadata: print an ejMetadata object

print.ejObject: print an ejObject object

print.ejRecord: print an ejRecord object

processRecord: This function takes a single record from the obkClass data...

processRecordFrame: This function processes events from the obkClass data and...

repijson: Classes and functions to handle EpiJSON files

toyll: Toy line list dataset

Functions Man page Man page
as.ejObject Man page Man page
as.ejObject.default Man page
as.ejObject.obkData Man page
as.SpatialPointsDataFrame.ejEvent Man page
as.SpatialPointsDataFrame.ejObject Man page
as.SpatialPointsDataFrame.ejRecord Man page
attributeAsJSON Man page
box2 Man page
create_ejAttribute Man page
create_ejEvent Man page
create_ejMetadata Man page
create_ejObject Man page
create_ejRecord Man page
dataFrameToAttributes Man page
define_ejEvent Man page
ejAttributes Man page
ejRecords Man page
epiJSON2r Man page
epijsonObjectVis Man page
notNA Man page
objectAsJSON Man page
print.ejAttribute Man page
print.ejEvent Man page
print.ejMetadata Man page
print.ejObject Man page
print.ejRecord Man page
processRecord Man page
processRecordFrame Man page
repijson Man page
repijson-package Man page
toyll Man page


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