Man pages for repijson
Tools for Handling EpiJSON (Epidemiology Data) Files an ej attribute to a dataframe an ejObject to a dataframe with one row per record
as.ejObjectgeneric as function a dataframe to an ejObject
as.ejObject.defaultBy default we don't know how to convert objects
as.ejObject.obkDataThis function processes objects from the obkClass data and...
as.SpatialPointsDataFrame.ejEventconvert an ejEvent to a SpatialPointsDataFrame
as.SpatialPointsDataFrame.ejObjectCreate a SpatialPointsDataFrame from an ejObject
as.SpatialPointsDataFrame.ejRecordconvert an ejRecord to a SpatialPointsDataFrame
attributeAsJSONConvert an attribute into JSON
box2generic labelled box function
create_ejAttributeCreate an attribute This package outlines the aspects of the...
create_ejEventCreate an event
create_ejMetadataCreate metadata
create_ejObjectCreate an object
create_ejRecordCreate a record
dataFrameToAttributesThe general functions that are used in multiple sections of...
define_ejEventCreates a event definition
ejAttributesExtract the attributes from an EpiJson Object
ejRecordsExtract the records from an EpiJson Object
epiJSON2rconverting epiJSON into a list of lists
epijsonObjectVisto view the structure of epijson objects and/or schema...
notNAReturn a value only if another is not NA
objectAsJSONConvert an ejObject into JSON
print.ejAttributeprint an ejAttribute object
print.ejEventprint an ejEvent object
print.ejMetadataprint an ejMetadata object
print.ejObjectprint an ejObject object
print.ejRecordprint an ejRecord object
processRecordThis function takes a single record from the obkClass data...
processRecordFrameThis function processes events from the obkClass data and...
repijsonClasses and functions to handle EpiJSON files
toyllToy line list dataset
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