Man pages for respirometry
Tools for Conducting and Analyzing Respirometry Experiments

calc_bCalculate the metabolic scaling coefficient, b
calc_MO2Calculate metabolic rate
closedClosed respirometry
co2_addCalculate CO2 to add to water
co2_flushCalculate CO2 to add to flush reservoir
co2_rateCalculate CO2 to add to a respirometer intake flow
conv_nh4Convert between units of ammonia (NH3) / ammonium (NH4+)
conv_o2Convert between units of oxygen partial pressure and...
conv_resp_unitConvert units related to respirometry
correct_bubbleAdjust respirometer volume for bubbles
flush_carbEstimate carbonate chemistry after a flush
flush_o2Estimate dissolved O2 after a flush
flush_waterFind percent of water exchanged after a flush
goal_flush_pHCalculate goal pH of a flush reservoir to achieve the...
guess_TAEstimate total alkalinity from salinity
guess_whenEstimate when the O2 level will reach a defined level
import_firestingImport data from a FireSting O2 transmitter
import_presensImport data from a PreSens O2 transmitter
import_witroxImport data from a Loligo Systems Witrox O2 transmitter
make_binsMake time bins for MO2 calculations
max_MO2Maximum MO2 supported by flow rate
mean_pHMean pH by [H+]
min_flowMinimum flow rate to support MO2
peri_pumpCalculate peristaltic pump gaseous flow rate
predict_nh3Predict NH3 / NH4+ concentration post-respiration
predict_pHPredict pH post-respiration
Q10Parameters of Q10 Temperature Coefficient
respirometryTools for Conducting Respirometry Experiments
RQCalculate respiratory quotient
scale_MO2Mass-correct metabolic rate
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