Man pages for rglobi
R Interface to Global Biotic Interactions

get_child_taxaReturns all known child taxa with known interaction of...
get_data_fieldsList data fields identified in GloBI database
get_interaction_areasFind locations at which interactions were observed
get_interaction_matrixGet Interaction Matrix. Constructs an interaction matrix...
get_interactionsGet Species Interaction from GloBI
get_interactions_by_taxaReturn interactions involving specific taxa
get_interactions_by_typeGet Species Interactions by Interaction Type from GloBI
get_interactions_in_areaReturn all interactions in specified area
get_interaction_tableReturns all known child taxa with known interaction of...
get_interaction_typesList interactions identified in GloBI database
get_predators_ofGet a List of Predators of a Given Prey Taxon
get_prey_ofGet a List of Prey for given Predator Taxon
queryExecutes a Cypher Query Against GloBI's Neo4j Instance
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