Man pages for ridigbio
Interface to the iDigBio Data API

build_field_listsBuild fields and fields_exclude for queries.
idig_build_attribAttribution dataframe of iDigBio records query
idig_checkcheck HTTP code
idig_check_errorCheck is the request returned an error.
idig_count_mediaCount media endpoint
idig_count_recordsCount record endpoint
idig_GETinternal GET request
idig_meta_fieldsmeta fields endpoint
idig_parseparse successfully returned request
idig_POSTinternal POST request
idig_searchBasic searching of iDigBio records
idig_search_mediaSearching of iDigBio media records
idig_search_recordsSearching of iDigBio records
idig_top_mediaTop media endpoint
idig_top_recordsTop records endpoint
idig_urlbase URL
idig_validatevalidate fields
idig_versionAPI version
idig_view_mediaview media endpoint
idig_view_recordsview specimen endpoint
ridigbioRetrieve data from the iDigBio specimen data repository.
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