ripa: R Image Processing and Analysis

A package including various functions for image processing and analysis. With this package is possible to process and analyse RGB, LAN (multispectral) and AVIRIS (hyperspectral) images. This packages also provides functions for reading JPEG files, extracted from the archived 'rimage' package.

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AuthorTalita Perciano [aut, cre], Alejandro C Frery [ctb]
Date of publication2014-05-31 01:32:57
MaintainerTalita Perciano <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2) | file LICENSE

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Man pages

aviris_band-class: Class "aviris_band"

aviris_image-class: Class "aviris_image"

aviris_scene-class: Class "aviris_scene"

aviris_training-class: Class "aviris_training"

cgauss: Contrast Gaussian expansion algorithm for AVIRIS images

checkTab: Function to check active tab

clineal: Contrast linear expansion algorithm for AVIRIS images

clipping: Clipping image

contBriImg: Contrast and brightness of an image

contrast: Interface to choose the contrast expansion type

fftImg: Compute FFT image

fftw: Apply FFT to 2-Dimensional Data

Grey: Interface for gray scale view for AVIRIS images

highpass: High pass filter for image

imagematrix: Generate an imagematrix, i.e. primary data structure of...

imageType: Get information on color type of imagematrix

initialize-methods: Methods for Function initialize

lband: Interface to load an AVIRIS image band

lbandsample: Interface to load an AVIRIS image band sample

limage: Interface to load the header of an AVIRIS image

loadBand: Function to load an AVIRIS image band

loadBandSample: Function to load an AVIRIS image band sample

logo: R logo imagematrix

lowpass: Low Pass Filter for Image

lscene: Interfece to load an AVIRIS image scene

medianImg: Median filter

modalDialog: Modal dialog

normalize: Normalization for vector and matrix

plot_band.aviris_band: Function to plot an AVIRIS band

plot.imagematrix: Plotting an imagematrix object

print.imagematrix: Print information on a given imagematrix object

print_information.aviris_band: Function to print an AVIRIS band

print_information.aviris_image: Function to print an AVIRIS image

print_information.aviris_scene: Function to print an AVIRIS scene

print_information.aviris_training: Function to print an AVIRIS training category

read.aviris: Function to read an AVIRIS image

read.lan: Function to read a LAN image

RGB: Interface for RGB view for AVIRIS images

rgb2grey: Convert color imagematrix to grey imagematrix

ripaEnv: Environment for package ripa

RIPAgui: Function to build the ripa package GUI

RIPA-package: R Image Processing and Analysis

stretchImg: Function to apply contrast linear stretch

takeSamples: Function to take training samples for AVIRIS images

wband: Interface to save an AVIRIS image band

writeBand: Function to save an AVIRIS image band

write.lan: Function to save LAN images

zoom: Interface for zoomGrey and zoomRGB

zoomGrey: Function to apply zoom to grey images

zoomRGB: Function to apply zoom to RGB images

Zprofile: Function for Z Profile


aviris_band-class Man page
aviris_band-method Man page
aviris_image-class Man page
aviris_image-method Man page
aviris_scene-class Man page
aviris_scene-method Man page
aviris_training-class Man page
aviris_training-method Man page
cgauss Man page
checkTab Man page
clineal Man page
clipping Man page
contBriImg Man page
contrast Man page
fftImg Man page
fftw Man page
Grey Man page
highpass Man page
imagematrix Man page
imageType Man page
initialize,aviris_band-method Man page
initialize,aviris_image-method Man page
initialize,aviris_scene-method Man page
initialize,aviris_training-method Man page
initialize-methods Man page
lband Man page
lbandsample Man page
limage Man page
loadBand Man page
loadBandSample Man page
logo Man page
lowpass Man page
lscene Man page
medianImg Man page
modalDialog Man page
normalize Man page
plot_band.aviris_band Man page
plot.imagematrix Man page
print.imagematrix Man page
print_information.aviris_band Man page
print_information.aviris_image Man page
print_information.aviris_scene Man page
print_information.aviris_training Man page
read.aviris Man page
read.lan Man page
RGB Man page
rgb2grey Man page
ripa Man page
ripaEnv Man page
RIPAgui Man page
ripa-package Man page
stretchImg Man page
takeSamples Man page
wband Man page
writeBand Man page
write.lan Man page
zoom Man page
zoomGrey Man page
zoomRGB Man page
Zprofile Man page

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