scenarios: A collection of riskyr scenarios from various sources.

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scenarios is a list that contains a collection of scenarios of class "riskyr" from the scientific literature and other sources that can be used directly in the visualization and summary functions.




A list with currently 26 objects of class "riskyr" (i.e., scenarios) which are each described by 21 variables:


scenarios currently contains the following scenarios:

  1. Mammografie 1

  2. Nackenfaltentest (NFT)

  3. HIV 1 (f)

  4. HIV 2 (f)

  5. Mammography 2

  6. Sepsis

  7. Cab problem

  8. Sigmoidoskopie 1

  9. Sigmoidoskopie 2

  10. Brustkrebs 1

  11. Brustkrebs 2 (BRCA1)

  12. Brustkrebs 3 (BRCA1 + pos. Mam.)

  13. HIV 3 (m)

  14. HIV 4 (m)

  15. Nackenfaltentest 2 (NFT)

  16. Amniozentese (pos. NFT)

  17. Musical town

  18. Mushrooms

  19. Bowel cancer (FOB screening)

  20. PSA test 1 (high prev)

  21. PSA test 2 (low prev)

  22. Colorectal cancer

  23. Psylicraptis screening

  24. Mammography 6 (prob)

  25. Mammography 6 (freq)

Variables describing each scenario:

  1. scen.lbl Text label for current scenario.

  2. scen.lng Language of current scenario.

  3. scen.txt Description text of current scenario.

  4. popu.lbl Text label for current population.

  5. cond.lbl Text label for current condition.

  6. cond.true.lbl Text label for cond.true cases.

  7. cond.false.lbl Text label for cond.false cases.

  8. dec.lbl Text label for current decision.

  9. dec.pos.lbl Text label for dec.pos cases.

  10. dec.neg.lbl Text label for dec.neg cases.

  11. hi.lbl Text label for cases of hits hi.

  12. mi.lbl Text label for cases of misses mi.

  13. fa.lbl Text label for cases of false alarms fa.

  14. cr.lbl Text label for cases of correct rejections cr.

  15. prev Value of current prevalence prev.

  16. sens Value of current sensitivity sens.

  17. spec Value of current specificity spec.

  18. fart Value of current false alarm rate fart.

  19. N Current population size N.

  20. scen.src Source information for current scenario.

  21. scen.apa Source information in APA format.

Note that names of variables (columns) correspond to init_txt (to initialize txt) and init_num (to initialize num).

See columns scen.src and scen.apa for a scenario's source information.

The information of scenarios is also contained in an R data frame df.scenarios (and generated from the corresponding .rda file in /data/).

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