Man pages for rmoo
Multi-Objective Optimization in R

algorithm-classVirtual Parent Class Algorithm
associateAssociation Operation in Non-Dominated Genetic Algorithms III
crowding_distanceCalculation of Crowding Distance
generate_reference_pointsDetermination of Reference Points on a Hyper-Plane
getCrowdingDistance-methodsAccessor methods to the crowding distance for NSGA-II results
getDummyFitness-methodsAccessor methods to the dummy fitness for NSGA-I results
getFitness-methodsAccessor methods to the fitness for rmoo results
get_fixed_rowsum_integer_matrixDetermine the division points on the hyperplane
getMetrics-methodsAccessor methods to the metrics evaluated during execution
getPopulation-methodsAccessor methods to the population for rmoo results
nichingNiche-Preservation Operation
non_dominated_frontsCalculate of Non-Dominated Front
nsgaNon-Dominated Sorting in Genetic Algorithms
nsga1-classClass 'nsga1'
nsga2Non-Dominated Sorting in Genetic Algorithms II
nsga2-classClass 'nsga2'
nsga3Non-Dominated Sorting in Genetic Algorithms III
nsga3-classClass 'nsga3'
nsga-classVirtual Class 'nsga'
nsgaControlA function for setting or retrieving defaults non-dominated...
nsga_CrossoverCrossover operators in non-dominated genetic algorithms
nsgaMonitorMonitor non-dominated genetic algorithm evolution
nsga_MutationMutation operators in non-dominated genetic algorithms
nsga_PopulationPopulation initialization in non-dominated genetic algorithms
nsga_SelectionSelection operators in non-dominated genetic algorithms
numberOrNAOrMatrix-classVirtual Class 'numberOrNAOrMatrix - Simple Class for...
performance_metricsObjective Values performance metrics
plot-methodsMethods for Function 'plot' in Package 'rmoo'
print-methodsMethods for Function 'print' in Package 'rmoo'.
progress-methodsMethods for Function 'progress' in Package 'rmoo'
reference_point_multi_layerDetermination of Multi-layer Reference Points
rmoo_funcR Multi-Objective Optimization Main Function
rmoo-packagermoo: Multi-Objective Optimization in R
scale_reference_directionsScale Reference Points
sharingCalculation of Dummy Fitness
summary-methodsMethods for Function 'summary' in Package 'rmoo'
update_pointsAdaptive normalization of population members
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