generate_reference_points: Determination of Reference Points on a Hyper-Plane

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Determination of Reference Points on a Hyper-Plane


A implementation of Das and Dennis's Reference Points Generation.


generate_reference_points(m, h, scaling = NULL)


m, h, scaling

Number of reference points 'h' in M-objective problems, and scaling that is the scale on which the points are distributed.


The implemented Reference Point Generation is based on the Das and Dennis's systematic approach that places points on a normalized hyper-plane which is equally inclined to all objective axes and has an intercept of one on each axis.


A matrix with the reference points uniformly distributed.


Francisco Benitez


K. Deb and H. Jain, 'An Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization Algorithm Using Reference-Point-Based Nondominated Sorting Approach, Part I: Solving Problems With Box Constraints,' in IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, vol. 18, no. 4, pp. 577-601, Aug. 2014, doi: 10.1109/TEVC.2013.2281535.

Das, Indraneel & Dennis, J. (2000). Normal-Boundary Intersection: A New Method for Generating the Pareto Surface in Nonlinear Multicriteria Optimization Problems. SIAM Journal on Optimization. 8. 10.1137/S1052623496307510.

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