nsgaMonitor: Monitor non-dominated genetic algorithm evolution

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Monitor non-dominated genetic algorithm evolution


Functions to plotting fitness values at each iteration of a search for the 'rmoo' package.


  nsgaMonitor(object, number_objectives, ...)



an object of class nsga, nsga2 or nsga3, usually resulting from a call to function nsga, nsga2 or nsga3, respectively.


numbers of objective values of the function to evaluate.


further arguments passed to or from other methods.


These functions plot the fitness values of the current step of the nsga3 on the console.
By default, nsgaMonitor is called in interactive sessions by nsga, nsga2, or nsga3.
The function can be modified by the user to plot or print the values it considers by iteration.


Francisco Benitez


Scrucca, L. (2017) On some extensions to 'GA' package: hybrid optimisation, parallelisation and islands evolution. The R Journal, 9/1, 187-206, doi: 10.32614/RJ-2017-008.

See Also

nsga(), nsga2() and nsga3()

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