Man pages for rnaseqWrapper
Wrapper for several R packages and scripts to automate RNA-seq analysis

calcBasicDECalculate basics differential expression between pairs of...
calcCombValsCalculate group values from RNAseq data
calcHornMatrixCalculate a Horn distance matrix
calcLogValCalculate log value of RNAseq columns
calculateThirdPosBiasCalculate the third position bias of polymorphisms
countDataExpression data for use in examples for the rnaseqWrapper...
dataFileData for use in examples for the rnaseqWrapper package
DESeqWrapperA wrapper for DESeq
determineSynonymousDetermine whether or not variants are synonomous
heatmap.markEnhanced Heat Map, further modified
kaksFromVariantsCalculate Ka/Ks ratios from a table of variants
mergeCountFilesMerge multiple expression count data files for RNAseq
nSynNonSitesCalculate the number of (non) synonomous sites
parseVarScanParse a VarScan output
readVariantFilesRead in variant files for RNAseq
rnaseqWrapper-packageA Wrapper for RNAseq analysis
runGOAnalysisRun basic GO analysis
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