robmed: (Robust) Mediation Analysis

Perform mediation analysis via a bootstrap test.

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AuthorAndreas Alfons [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-09-14 21:44:13
MaintainerAndreas Alfons <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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autoplot.testMediation Man page
coef.bootTestMediation Man page
coef.fitMediation Man page
coef.testMediation Man page
confint.bootTestMediation Man page
confint.sobelTestMediation Man page
confint.testMediation Man page
covControl Man page
covHuber Man page
covML Man page
fitMediation Man page
fortify.bootTestMediation Man page
fortify.list Man page
fortify.sobelTestMediation Man page
fortify.testMediation Man page
indirect Man page
plotMediation Man page
plotMediation.bootTestMediation Man page
plotMediation.default Man page
plotMediation.list Man page
plotMediation.sobelTestMediation Man page
plot.testMediation Man page
print.bootTestMediation Man page
print.covHuber Man page
print.covML Man page
print.fitMediation Man page
print.sobelTestMediation Man page
retest Man page
retest.bootTestMediation Man page
retest.sobelTestMediation Man page
robmed Man page
robmed-package Man page
summary.covFitMediation Man page
summary.regFitMediation Man page
summary.testMediation Man page
testMediation Man page
testMediation.default Man page
testMediation.fitMediation Man page
weights.covHuber Man page

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