Man pages for robmed
(Robust) Mediation Analysis

BSG2014Business simulation game data
coef.test_mediationCoefficients in (robust) mediation analysis
confint.test_mediationConfidence intervals for (robust) mediation analysis
cov_controlTuning parameters for Huber M-estimation of location and...
cov_HuberHuber M-estimator of location and scatter
cov_MLMaximum likelihood estimator of mean vector and covariance...
fit_mediation(Robustly) fit a mediation model
fortify.test_mediationConvert (robust) mediation analysis results into a data frame...
plot_mediationPlot (robust) mediation analysis results
p_valuep-Values for (robust) mediation analysis
reg_controlTuning parameters for MM-regression
retestRetest for mediation
robmed-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'robmed'
robmed-package(Robust) Mediation Analysis
run_shiny_appShiny app: simulation for mediation analysis with outliers
summary.test_mediationSummary of results from (robust) mediation analysis
test_mediation(Robust) mediation analysis
weights.cov_HuberRobustness weights of Huber M-estimation of location and...
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