getPars: Query Values of Parameters

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Query values of parameters of a rodeo-based model.



Logical. If FALSE, the values of parameters are returned as vector irrespective of the model's spatial resolution. If TRUE, the values are returned as an array with properly named dimensions. The array's last dimension represents the parameters and its first (fastest cycling) dimension, if any, refers to the model's highest spatial dimension.


Logical. Used to enable/disable element names for the return vector when asArray is FALSE. The names follow the pattern 'x.i.j' where 'x' is the parameter name and 'i', 'j' are indices of the sub-units in the first and second spatial dimension. The actual suffix is controlled by the number of dimensions and in the 0-dimensional case, no suffix is applied at all, i.e. the pure parameter names are used to label the elements of the vector. If isArray is TRUE, this argument is simply ignored, hence the dimensions of a returned array are always named.


A numeric vector or array.


See Also

The corresponding 'set' method is setPars and examples can be found there. Use getVars to query the values of variables rather than parameters.

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