rodeo-package: Package to Facilitate ODE-Based Modeling

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This package provides methods to


Consult the package vignette for details. The concept of writing an ODE system in tabular/matrix form is nicely introduced, e. g., in the book of Reichert, P., Borchardt, D., Henze, M., Rauch, W., Shanahan, P., Somlyody, L., and Vanrolleghem, P. A. (2001): River water quality model No. 1, IWA publishing, ISBN 9781900222822.

The current source code repository is

Class and class methods

See rodeo-class for the rodeo class and the corresponding class methods.

Non-class methods

Type help(package="rodeo") or see the links below to access the documentation of non-class methods contained in the package.


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