Man pages for rolypoly
Identifying Trait-Relevant Functional Annotations

bootstrap_estimatorBootstrap parameter estimates for confidence intervals.
calculate_annotation_block_heritabilityCaclulate the contribution of block annotations to the...
calculate_block_valuesCaclulate predicted block values based on block information...
calculate_expected_block_values_given_ldCaclulate predicted block values based on block information...
cv_regularized_parameter_estimatorPerform regularization inference.
data_ioFunctions for opening and organizing data.
inferenceInference functions.
main_wrapperMain wrapper functions.
make_ld_matrixHelper function to pull LD data from NCBI.
make_results_dfHelper function to make a summary table of results from...
parameter_estimatorFind parameter estimates for the data.
plot_rolypoly_annotation_estimatesVisualize parameter estimates after running inference
plot_rolypoly_annotation_rankingRank annotations by p-value after running inference
regularized_inferenceInference functions that include regularization
robust_parameter_estimatorFind robust parameter estimates for the data.
rolypolyThe rolypoly package for identifying annotations associated...
rolypoly_add_ld_corrected_gwas_block_scoresAdd LD corrected block scores to rolypoly.
rolypoly_link_blocks_and_gwasLink blocks and gwas
rolypoly_load_block_annotationLoad annotations for blocks of LD, in some cases this is a...
rolypoly_load_block_dataBlock annotations, usually gene model.
rolypoly_load_gwasLoad gwas data
rolypoly_perform_inferenceRun inference.
rolypoly_perform_regularized_inferenceRun inference with added regularization.
rolypoly_plotsPlot functions.
rolypoly_rollMain rolypoly wrapper function.
sim_block_annotationSimulated block data annotation.
sim_expression_data_normalizedSimulated expression data.
sim_gwas_dataSimulated GWAS summary statistics
vectorize_rolypolyTake a list of rolypoly data and vectorize it for inference.
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