Man pages for rotasym
Tests for Rotational Symmetry on the Hypersphere

ACGAngular central Gaussian distribution
check_unit_normChecking of unit-norm data
cosines-signsCosines and multivariate signs of a hyperspherical sample...
estimatorsEstimators for the axis of rotational symmetry theta
rotasym-package'rotasym' - Tests for Rotational Symmetry on the Hypersphere
sunspots_birthsRecorded sunspots births during 1872-2018
tangent-ellipticalTangent elliptical distribution
tangent-vMFTangent von Mises-Fisher distribution
tang-norm-decompDistributions based on the tangent-normal decomposition
test_rotasymTests of rotational symmetry for hyperspherical data
unifUniform distribution on the hypersphere
vMFvon Mises-Fisher distribution
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