Man pages for rotl
Interface to the 'Open Tree of Life' API

get_studyGet all the trees associated with a particular study
get_study_metaStudy Metadata
get_study_subtreeStudy Subtree
get_study_treeStudy Tree
is_in_treeCheck that OTT ids occur in the Synthetic Tree
list_treesList trees ids in objects returned by 'studies_find_studies'...
match_namesInspect and Update alternative matches for a name returned by...
match_names-methods'ott_id' and 'flags' for taxonomic names matched by...
rotlAn Interface to the Open Tree of Life API
source_listList of studies used in the Tree of Life
strip_ott_idsStrip OTT ids from tip labels
studies_find_studiesFind a Study
studies_find_treesFind Trees
studies_propertiesProperties of the Studies
study_external_IDsGet external identifiers for data associated with an Open...
synonyms.match_namesList the synonyms for a given name
tax_lineageLineage of a taxon
taxon_external_IDsGet external identifiers for data associated with an Open...
taxonomy_aboutInformation about the Open Tree Taxonomy
taxonomy-methodsMethods for Taxonomy
taxonomy_mrcaTaxonomic MRCA
taxonomy_subtreeTaxonomy subtree
taxonomy_taxon_infoTaxon information
tnrs_contextsTNRS contexts
tnrs_infer_contextInfer the taxonomic context from a list of names
tnrs_match_namesMatch names to the Open Tree Taxonomy
tol_aboutInformation about the Tree of Life
tol_induced_subtreeSubtree from the Open Tree of Life
tol_mrcaMRCA of taxa from the synthetic tree
tol_node_infoNode info
tol_subtreeExtract a subtree from the synthetic tree
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