Man pages for roxygen2
In-Line Documentation for R

double_escape_mdCheck markdown escaping
escape_examplesEscape examples
is_s3_genericDetermine if a function is an S3 generic or S3 method.
loadLoad package code
load_optionsLoad roxygen2 options
markdown-internalsEscape Rd markup, to avoid interpreting it as markdown
markdown_pass1Expand the embedded inline code
markdown-testDummy page to test roxygen's markdown formatting
namespace_rocletRoclet: make 'NAMESPACE'
objectConstructors for S3 object to represent R objects.
object_formatDefault format for data
parse_packageParse a package, file, or inline code
rd_rocletRoclet: make Rd files
rd_sectionConstruct an 'rd_section' object
rocletBuild a new roclet.
roclet_findCreate a roclet from a string.
roc_proc_textProcess roclet on string and capture results.
roxygen2-packageroxygen2: In-Line Documentation for R
roxygenizeProcess a package with the Rd, namespace and collate roclets
roxy_tag'roxy_tag' S3 constructor
roxy_tag_rdGenerate Rd output from a tag
RoxyTopicA 'RoxyTopic' is an ordered collection of unique rd_sections
tag_parsersParse tags
tags-index-crossrefTags for indexing and cross-references
tags_listAccess metadata about built-in tags
tags-namespaceTags for managing the 'NAMESPACE'
tags-rdTags for documenting functions
tags-rd-formattingTags related to markdown support
tags-rd-otherTags for documenting datasets and classes
tags-reuseTags that help you reuse documentation
update_collateUpdate Collate field in DESCRIPTION
vignette_rocletRe-build outdated vignettes
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