parse_package: Parse a package, file, or inline code

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Parse a package, file, or inline code


parse_package(), parse_file(), and parse_text() allow you to use roxygen's parsing code to parse the roxygen blocks from a package, file, or character vector of code. env_package() and env_file() provide defaults that generate a temporary environment making it possible to associate each block with the corresponding live object.


parse_package(path = ".", env = env_package(path))

parse_file(file, env = env_file(file), srcref_path = NULL)

parse_text(text, env = env_file(file))




path, file, text

Either specify a path to the root directory of a package, an R file, or a character vector text.


An environment environment containing the result of evaluating the input code. The defaults will do this for you in a test environment: for real code you'll need to generate the environment yourself.

You can also set to NULL if you only want to get the tokenized code blocks only. This suppresses evaluation of @eval tags, and will not find the code object associated with each block.


A list of roxy_block objects

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