R interface to a PostGIS database.


This package provides additional functions to the RPostgreSQL package to interface R with a PostGIS-enabled database, as well as convenient wrappers to common PostgreSQL queries. For a list of documented functions, use library(help = "rpostgis").


A typical session starts by establishing the connection to a working PostgreSQL database:

library(rpostgis) con <- dbConnect("PostgreSQL", dbname = <dbname>, host = <host>, user = <user>, password = <password>)

For example, this could be:

con <- dbConnect("PostgreSQL", dbname = "rpostgis", host = "localhost", user = "postgres", password = "postgres")

The next step typically involves checking if PostGIS was installed on the working database, and if not try to install it:


The function should return TRUE for all pg- functions to work.

Finally, at the end of an interactive session, the connection to the database should be closed:



Mathieu Basille (basille@ufl.edu) and David Bucklin (dbucklin@ufl.edu)