Man pages for rrcov3way
Robust Methods for Multiway Data Analysis, Applicable also for Compositional Data

ArnoChemical composition of water in the main stream of Arno...
congruenceCoefficient of factor congruence (phi)
do3ScaleCentering and scaling
elindOECD Electronics Industries Data
girlsSempe girls' growth curves data
KojimaParental behaviour in Japan
krpFunction to compute Khatri-Rao product
ParafacRobust Parafac estimator for compositional data
permutePermutation of a matricized array
plot-methodsPlot a tucker3 object
toArrayMatrix to array conversion
Tucker3Robust Tucker3 estimator for compositional data
ulaborUndeclared labor by region in Italy
unfoldMatrix unfolding
utilsPostprocessing: renormalization, reflection and reordering;...
va3wayManufacturing value added by technology intensity for several...
waterqualityWater quality data in Wyoming, USA
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