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OECD Electronics Industries Data


OECD publishes comparative statistics of the export size of various sectors of the electronics industry:

  1. information science,

  2. telecommunication products,

  3. radio and television equipment,

  4. components and parts,

  5. electromedical equipment, and

  6. scientific equipment.

The data consist of specialisation indices of electronics industries of 23 European countries for the years 1973–1979. The specialization index is defined as the proportion of the monetary value of an electronic industry compared to the total export value of manufactured goods of a country compared to the similar proportion for the world as a whole (see D'Ambra, 1985, p. 249 and Kroonenberg, 2008, p.282).




A three-way array with dimension 23x6x7. The first dimension refers to 23 countries. The second dimension refers to the six indices of electronics industries. The third dimension refers to the years in the period 1978–1985.


The data set is available from Pieter Kroonenberg's web site at: "three-mode.leidenuniv.nl/data/electronicindustriesinfo.htm"


D'Ambra, L. (1985). Alcune estensione dell'analisi in componenti principali per lo studio dei sistemi evolutivi. Uno studio sul commercio internazionale dell'elettronica. In: Ricerche Economiche. 2. del Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche Ca'Foscari, Venezia.

Kroonenberg PM (2008). Applied multiway data analysis. Wiley series in probability and statistics. John Wiley and Sons, Hoboken, NJ, p.282.



res <- Parafac(elind, robust=FALSE, coda.transform="none")

## Distance-distance plot
plot(res, which="dd", main="Distance-distance plot")

## Paired component plot, mode A
plot(res, which="comp", main="Paired component plot (mode A)")

## Paired component plot, mode B
plot(res, which="comp", mode="B", main="Paired component plot (mode B)") 

## Per-component plot
plot(res, which="percomp", comp=1, main="Per component plot") 

## all components plot
plot(res, which="allcomp", main="All components plot", legend.position="topright") 

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