Man pages for rrecsys
Environment for Evaluating Recommender Systems

algAverageClassBaseline algorithms exploiting global/item and user averages.
BPRclassBayesian Personalized Ranking based model.
dataChartVisualization of data characteristics.
dataSet-classDataset class.
defineDataDefine dataset.
ds-classDataset class.
evalChartVisualization of data characteristics.
evalModelCreating the evaluation model.
evalModel-classEvaluation model.
evalPredEvaluates the requested prediction algorithm.
evalRecEvaluates the requested recommendation algorithm.
evalRecResultsEvaluation results.
getAUCReturns the Area under the ROC curve.
histogramRatings histogram.
IBclassItem based model.
ml100kMovielens 100K Dataset
mlLatest100kMovielens Latest
nDCGNormalized Discounted Cumulative Gain
PPLclassPopularity based model.
predictGenerate predictions.
rankScoreRank Score
recommendGenerate recommendation.
rrecsysCreate a recommender system.
setStoppingCriteriaSet stopping criteria.
slopeOneClassSlope One model.
sparseDataSet-classDataset class for tuples (user, item, rating).
SVDclassSVD model.
UBclassItem based model.
wALSclassWeighted Alternating Least Squares based model.
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