Man pages for rsatscan
Tools, Classes, and Methods for Interfacing with SaTScan Stand-Alone Software

charlistoptsChange list version of paramaters into char vector
NHumbersidecasNorth Humberside leukemian and lymphoma example- cases
NHumbersidectlNorth Humberside leukemian and lymphoma example- controls
NHumbersidegeoNorth Humberside leukemian and lymphoma example- geography
NMcasNew Mexico Brain Cancer example- cases
NMgeoNew Mexico Brain Cancer example- geography
NMpopNew Mexico Brain Cancer example- population
NYCfevercasNew York City Fever example- cases
NYCfevergeoNew York City Fever example- geography
print.satscanMethods for satscan-class objects
read.colRead SaTScan output files
read.gisRead SaTScan output files
read.llrRead SaTScan output files
read.rrRead SaTScan output files
read.satscanmainRead SaTScan output files
read.sciRead SaTScan output files
rsatscanR functions, a class, and methods for working with SaTScan...
satscanRun SaTScan in the OS
ss.optionsSet or reset parameters to be used by SaTScan
ss.options.extraAdd lines to the current SaTScan parameter list
subinSubstitute new values into the input object
summary.satscanMethods for satscan-class objects
write.adjWrite a SaTScan adj file
write.casWrite a SaTScan cas (case) file
write.ctlWrite a SaTScan ctl (control) file
write.geoWrite a SaTScan geo file
write.grdWrite a SaTScan grd (grid) file
write.haWrite a SaTScan ha (alternative hypothesis) file
write.maxWrite a SaTScan max file
write.metWrite a SaTScan met file
write.nbrWrite a SaTScan nbr (neighbor) file
write.popWrite a SaTScan pop (population) file the SaTScan parameter file
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