rsatscan: R functions, a class, and methods for working with SaTScan...

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rsatscan provides a suite of functions that allows you to easily write SaTScan parameter files in the OS, run SaTScan in the OS, and read the output files that SaTScan generates.


The parameter files are constructed in R using the ss.options function and written to the OS using the function. SaTScan is run using the satscan function. The satscan function returns a satscan-class object that has a slot for every possible file that SaTScan makes, plus one for the parameter file you used to generate the output.

The package also includes write.??? functions which will write case, control, geography, population, etc., files in the format expected by SaTScan, if you happen to have them (or make them) in R and want to write them into the OS for SaTScan to use.

There are summary and print methods for satscan-class objects. There are also plot methods in the sp package, which can be used if the rgdal package and sp packages are installed and SaTScan generated a shapefile.

Currently the package works with SaTScan >= 9.2 and has been tested on Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04.1. Please contact the author if you find success or trouble on other OSes.

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