Man pages for rsgcc
Gini methodology-based correlation and clustering analysis of microarray and RNA-Seq gene expression data

adjacencymatrixadjacency matrix calculation
cor.matrixcorrelation calculation for a set of genes
cor.paircompute the correlation between two genes
dataexample of RNA-Seq gene expression data
gcc.corfinalget the final correlaiton and p-value of Gini method
gcc.distcompute distance matrix for hierarchical clustering
gcc.hclusthierarchical cluster
gcc.heatmapheat map
gcc.tsheatmapcorrelaiton and clustering analysis of tissue-specific genes
getsgeneidentify tissue(or condtion)-specific genes
onegcccompute one Gini correlation coefficient
rsgcc.guigraphical user interface (GUI) of rsgcc package
rsgcc-packageGini methodology-based correlation and clustering analysis of...
uniqueTissuesget tissue information
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