Man pages for rstpm2
Smooth Survival Models, Including Generalized Survival Models

aftParametric accelerated failure time model with smooth time...
aft-classClass "stpm2" ~~~
bhazardPlacemarker function for a baseline hazard function.
brcancerGerman breast cancer data from Stata.
coefGeneric method to update the coef in an object.
colonColon cancer.
cox.tvcTest for a time-varying effect in the 'coxph' model
eformS3 method for to provide exponentiated coefficents with...
gradgradient function (internal function)
gsmParametric and penalised generalised survival models
gsm.controlDefaults for the gsm call
incrVarUtility that returns a function to increment a variable in a...
legendre.quadrature.rule.200Legendre quadrature rule for n=200.
linesS3 methods for lines
markov_msmPredictions for continuous time, nonhomogeneous Markov...
markov_sdePredictions for continuous time, nonhomogeneous Markov...
nsxGenerate a Basis Matrix for Natural Cubic Splines (with...
nsxDGenerate a Basis Matrix for the first derivative of Natural...
numDeltaMethodCalculate numerical delta method for non-linear predictions.
plot-methodsplots for an stpm2 fit
popmortBackground mortality rates for the colon dataset.
predict-methodsPredicted values for an stpm2 or pstpm2 fit
predictnlEstimation of standard errors using the numerical delta...
predictnl-methods~~ Methods for Function predictnl ~~
predict.nsxEvaluate a Spline Basis
pstpm2-classClass "pstpm2"
residuals-methodsResidual values for an stpm2 or pstpm2 fit
rstpm2-internalInternal functions for the rstpm2 package.
Rstpm2-packageFlexible parametric survival models.
smoothpwcUtility to use a smooth function in markov_msm based on...
stpm2-classClass "stpm2" ~~~
tvcCoxph-classClass '"tvcCoxph"'
update-methodsMethods for Function update
vunirootVectorised One Dimensional Root (Zero) Finding
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