Man pages for rtop
Interpolation of Data with Variable Spatial Support

checkVarioPlot variogram fitted to data with support
createRtopObjectCreate an object for interpolation within the rtop package
downloadRtopExampleDataDownload additional example data
gDistcalculate geostatistical distances between areas
getRtopParamsSetting parameters for the intamap package
plot.rtopVariogramCloudPlot and Identify Data Pairs on Sample Variogram Cloud
readAreaInfocreate SpatialPointsDataFrame with observations of data with...
readAreashelp file for creating SpatialPolygonsDataFrame with...
rtopClusterstart, access, stop or restart a cluster for parallel...
rtopDiscDiscretize areas
rtopFitVariogramFit variogram model to sample variogram of data with spatial...
rtopKrigeSpatial interpolation of data with spatial support
rtop-packageA package providing methods for analysis and spatial...
rtopSimSpatial simulation of data with spatial support
rtopVariogramcreate variogram for data with spatial support
sceuaOptimisation with the Shuffle Complex Evolution method
useRtopWithIntamapIntegrates the rtop package with the 'intamap' package
variogramModelcreate or update variogram model
varMatcreate a semivariogram matrix between a set of locations, or...
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