Man pages for rvalues
R-Values for Ranking in High-Dimensional Settings

batavgsBatting Averages Data
bcwestBreast Cancer Gene Expression Data
FDRCurveFDR Curve
fluEnrichFlu Enrichment Data
hivHIV Data Set
MakeGridGrid Construction
MCMCtestMCMC sample output
mrootMulti-dimensional Root (Zero) Finding
NBA1314National Basketball Association, free throw data, 2013-2014...
npmixapplyApply Functions over estimated unit-specific posterior...
npmleMaximum Likelihood Estimate of a Mixing Distribution.
OverlapCurveOverlap Curve
PostPercentilePosterior expected percentiles
PostSummariesR-values from posterior summary quantities
rvalueBootBootstrapped r-values
rvaluesMCMCR-values from MCMC output.
tdistt-distribution family object
TopListList of Top Units
ValphaR-values from a matrix of posterior tail probabilities.
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