rwmGetColours: to choose map colours for classified data

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Returns a vector of colours based upon the palette specified and number of colours specified. If colourPalette specifies a number of colours and this is different from numColours, numColours takes precedence and colours are interpolated to make the number fit.


rwmGetColours(colourPalette, numColours)



string describing the colour palette to use, choice of:

  1. "palette" for the current palette

  2. a vector of valid colours, e.g. =c('red','white','blue') or output from RColourBrewer

  3. one of "heat", "diverging", "white2Black", "black2White", "topo", "rainbow", "terrain", "negpos8", "negpos9"


the number of colour categories desired


A vector specifiying a number of colours.

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