zoo.df: Zoo Attendance during an Advertising Campaign

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Data for 455 days of attendance records for Auckland Zoo, from January 1, 1993. Note that only 440 values are given due to missing values. It was of interest to assess whether an advertising campaign was effective in increasing attendance.


A data frame with 440 observations on 6 variables.

[,1] attendance numeric Number of visitors
[,2] time numeric Time in days since the start of the study
[,3] sun.yesterday numeric Hours of sunshine the previous day
[,4] tv.adds numeric Average spending on TV advertising in the previous week (\$000 per day)
[,5] nice.day factor Assessment based on number of hours of sunshine (0 = No, 1 = Yes)
[,6] day.type factor Type of day (1 = ordinary weekday, 2 = weekend day, 3 = school holiday weekday, 4 = public holday)

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