Man pages for sNPLS
NPLS Regression with L1 Penalization

breadBread data
coef.sNPLSCoefficients from a sNPLS model
cv_fitInternal function for 'cv_snpls'
cv_snplsCross-validation for a sNPLS model
fitted.sNPLSFitted method for sNPLS models
plot.cvsNPLSPlot cross validation results for sNPLS objects
plot.repeatcvDensity plot for repeat_cv results
plot.sNPLSPlots for sNPLS model fits
plot_TInternal function for 'plot.sNPLS'
plot_timeInternal function for 'plot.sNPLS'
plot_UInternal function for 'plot.sNPLS'
plot_variablesInternal function for 'plot.sNPLS'
plot_WjInternal function for 'plot.sNPLS'
plot_WkInternal function for 'plot.sNPLS'
predict.sNPLSPredict for sNPLS models
repeat_cvRepeated cross-validation for sNPLS models
RmatrixR-matrix from a sNPLS model fit
sNPLSFit a sNPLS model
SRCompute Selectivity Ratio for a sNPLS model
summary.sNPLSSummary for sNPLS models
unfold3wUnfolding of three-way arrays
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