sampling: Survey Sampling

Functions for drawing and calibrating samples.

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AuthorYves Till <>, Alina Matei <>
Date of publication2016-12-22 23:38:18
MaintainerAlina Matei <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

balancedcluster: Balanced cluster

balancedstratification: Balanced stratification

balancedtwostage: Balanced two-stage sampling

belgianmunicipalities: The Belgian municipalities population

calib: g-weights of the calibration estimator

calibev: Calibration estimator and its variance estimation

checkcalibration: Check calibration

cleanstrata: Clean strata

cluster: Cluster sampling

disjunctive: Disjunctive combination

fastflightcube: Fast flight phase for the cube method

gencalib: g-weights of the generalized calibration estimator

getdata: Get data

Hajekestimator: The Hajek estimator

Hajekstrata: The Hajek estimator for a stratified design

HTestimator: The Horvitz-Thompson estimator

HTstrata: The Horvitz-Thompson estimator for a stratified design

inclusionprobabilities: Inclusion probabilities

inclusionprobastrata: Inclusion probabilities for a stratified design

landingcube: Landing phase for the cube method

mstage: Multistage sampling

MU284: The MU284 population

postest: The poststratified estimator

poststrata: Postratification

ratioest: The ratio estimator

ratioest_strata: The ratio estimator for a stratified design

regest: The regression estimator

regest_strata: The regression estimator for a stratified design

rhg: Response homogeneity groups

rhg_strata: Response homogeneity groups for a stratified sampling

rmodel: Response probability using logistic regression

samplecube: Sample cube method

srswor: Simple random sampling without replacement

srswor1: Selection-rejection method

srswr: Simple random sampling with replacement

strata: Stratified sampling

swissmunicipalities: The Swiss municipalities population

UPbrewer: Brewer sampling

UPmaxentropy: Maximum entropy sampling with fixed sample size and unequal...

UPmidzuno: Midzuno sampling

UPmidzunopi2: Joint inclusion probabilities for Midzuno sampling

UPminimalsupport: Minimal support sampling

UPmultinomial: Multinomial sampling

UPopips: Order pips sampling

UPpivotal: Pivotal sampling

UPpoisson: Poisson sampling

UPrandompivotal: Random pivotal sampling

UPrandomsystematic: Random systematic sampling

UPsampford: Sampford sampling

UPsampfordpi2: Joint inclusion probabilities for Sampford sampling

UPsystematic: Systematic sampling

UPsystematicpi2: Joint inclusion probabilities for systematic sampling

UPtille: Tille sampling

UPtillepi2: Joint inclusion probabilties for Tille sampling

varest: Variance estimation using the Deville's method

varHT: Variance estimators of the Horvitz-Thompson estimator

vartaylor_ratio: Taylor-series linearization variance estimation of a ratio

writesample: All possible samples of fixed size


balancedcluster Man page
balancedstratification Man page
balancedtwostage Man page
belgianmunicipalities Man page
calib Man page
calibev Man page
checkcalibration Man page
cleanstrata Man page
cluster Man page
disjunctive Man page
fastflightcube Man page
gencalib Man page
getdata Man page
Hajekestimator Man page
Hajekstrata Man page
HTestimator Man page
HTstrata Man page
inclusionprobabilities Man page
inclusionprobastrata Man page
landingcube Man page
mstage Man page
MU284 Man page
postest Man page
poststrata Man page
ratioest Man page
ratioest_strata Man page
regest Man page
regest_strata Man page
rhg Man page
rhg_strata Man page
rmodel Man page
samplecube Man page
srswor Man page
srswor1 Man page
srswr Man page
strata Man page
swissmunicipalities Man page
UPbrewer Man page
UPmaxentropy Man page
UPmaxentropypi2 Man page
UPMEpik2frompikw Man page
UPMEpikfromq Man page
UPMEpiktildefrompik Man page
UPMEqfromw Man page
UPMEsfromq Man page
UPmidzuno Man page
UPmidzunopi2 Man page
UPminimalsupport Man page
UPmultinomial Man page
UPopips Man page
UPpivotal Man page
UPpoisson Man page
UPrandompivotal Man page
UPrandomsystematic Man page
UPsampford Man page
UPsampfordpi2 Man page
UPsystematic Man page
UPsystematicpi2 Man page
UPtille Man page
UPtillepi2 Man page
varest Man page
varHT Man page
vartaylor_ratio Man page
writesample Man page


inst/doc/HT_Hajek_estimators.R inst/doc/UPexamples.R
R/vartaylor_ratio.r R/gencalib.R R/ratioest.r R/UPMEqfromw.R R/varest.r R/regest.r R/UPsampfordpi2.r R/UPrandompivotal.R R/cluster.r R/UPsampford.R R/ratioest_strata.r R/srswr.R R/as_int.r R/rhg_strata.r R/disjunctive.R R/Hajekstrata.r R/strata.r R/balancedstratification.R R/UPpivotal.r R/UPrandomsystematic.R R/UPmidzuno.R R/mstage.r R/landingcube.R R/HTestimator.R R/checkcalibration.R R/fastflightcube.R R/poststrata.r R/UPbrewer.R R/postest.r R/UPmaxentropypi2.R R/UPMEpik2frompikw.R R/balancedtwostage.R R/rmodel.r R/varHT.r R/UPmaxentropy.R R/UPmultinomial.R R/calib.r R/inclusionprobabilities.R R/UPMEpikfromq.R R/samplecube.R R/inclusionprobastrata.R R/writesample.R R/srswor.R R/srswor1.R R/getdata.r R/UPMEpiktildefrompik.R R/UPmidzunopi2.R R/regest_strata.r R/calibev.r R/UPsystematic.R R/UPtille.R R/UPopips.r R/cleanstrata.R R/UPMEsfromq.R R/UPpoisson.R R/rhg.r R/HTstrata.r R/Hajekestimator.r R/UPminimalsupport.R R/balancedcluster.R R/UPsystematicpi2.R R/UPtillepi2.R
man/calibev.Rd man/balancedtwostage.Rd man/inclusionprobastrata.Rd man/UPsystematic.Rd man/UPbrewer.Rd man/swissmunicipalities.Rd man/Hajekstrata.Rd man/srswor.Rd man/disjunctive.Rd man/UPrandompivotal.Rd man/UPopips.Rd man/UPtille.Rd man/UPmultinomial.Rd man/HTestimator.Rd man/belgianmunicipalities.Rd man/samplecube.Rd man/regest.Rd man/UPmidzunopi2.Rd man/UPsampfordpi2.Rd man/UPminimalsupport.Rd man/HTstrata.Rd man/cluster.Rd man/mstage.Rd man/balancedstratification.Rd man/varest.Rd man/ratioest.Rd man/srswor1.Rd man/vartaylor_ratio.Rd man/balancedcluster.Rd man/strata.Rd man/rhg.Rd man/checkcalibration.Rd man/UPsampford.Rd man/UPrandomsystematic.Rd man/fastflightcube.Rd man/UPmidzuno.Rd man/UPmaxentropy.Rd man/varHT.Rd man/MU284.Rd man/UPtillepi2.Rd man/cleanstrata.Rd man/UPpoisson.Rd man/getdata.Rd man/calib.Rd man/gencalib.Rd man/UPpivotal.Rd man/poststrata.Rd man/inclusionprobabilities.Rd man/regest_strata.Rd man/rmodel.Rd man/postest.Rd man/ratioest_strata.Rd man/landingcube.Rd man/srswr.Rd man/UPsystematicpi2.Rd man/Hajekestimator.Rd man/rhg_strata.Rd man/writesample.Rd

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