Defines functions Est.Total.NHT

Documented in Est.Total.NHT

Est.Total.NHT <- function(VecY.s, VecPk.s)
  if(! is.vector(VecY.s)             ){stop("VecY.s must be a vector.")                        }
  if(! is.vector(VecPk.s)            ){stop("VecPk.s must be a vector.")                       }
  if(anyNA(VecPk.s)                  ){stop("There are missing values in VecPk.s.")            }
  if(min(VecPk.s)<=0|max(VecPk.s)>1  ){stop("There are invalid values in VecPk.s.")            }
  if(anyNA(VecY.s)                   ){stop("There are missing values in VecY.s.")             }
  n                                   <- length(VecY.s)
  if(n != length(VecPk.s)            ){stop("The lengths of VecY.s and VecPk.s are different.")}
      PointEst = double(1), 
      PACKAGE = "samplingVarEst")$PointEst

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