aidsblog: AIDS blog citation network

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A snapshot of the pattern of citation among 146 unique blogs related to AIDS, patients, and their support networks, collected by Suchi Gopal (see reference below) over a randomly selected three-day period in August 2005. A directed edge from one blog to another indicates that the former has a link to the latter in their web page (more specifically, the former refers to the latter in their so-called ‘blogroll’).




A directed igraph graph object with 146 vertices and 187 edges.


This dataset was provided to us by Suchi Gopal. Please cite the reference below if you use this dataset in your work.


S. Gopal, The evolving social geography of blogs. In Societies and Cities in the Age of Instant Access, ed. by H. Miller (Springer, Berlin, 2007), 139 pp. 275-294.

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