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This data set comes from a network study of corporate law partnership that was carried out in a Northeastern US corporate law firm, referred to as SG&R, 1988-1991 in New England. It includes (among others) measurements of networks among the 71 attorneys (partners and associates) of this firm, i.e. their strong-coworker network, advice network, friendship network, and indirect control networks. Various members' attributes are also part of the dataset, including seniority, formal status, office in which they work, gender, lawschool attended, individual performance measurements (hours worked, fees brought in), attitudes concerning various management policy options, etc.

Note that this is only a subset of the originally collected data, including the 36 partners of the firm.




lazega is an igraph graph object, undirected. It has the following vertex attributes: ‘name’, ‘Seniority’, ‘Status’ (all 1, meaning partner), ‘Gender’ (1 is man, 2 is woman), ‘Office’ (1 is Boston, 2 is Hartford, 3 is Providence), ‘Years’ (years with the firm), ‘Age’, ‘Practice’ (1 is litigation, 2 is corporate), and ‘School’ (1 is Harvard or Yale, 2 is University of Connecticut, 3 is other). See the reference below for more.

elist.lazega is a data frame containing an edge list of the network.

v.attr.lazega is a data frame containing the vertex attributes only.


Provided to us by Emmanuel Lazega. Please cite the reference below if you use this dataset in your work.


E. Lazega, The Collegial Phenomenon: The Social Mechanisms of Cooperation Among Peers in a Corporate Law Partnership. Oxford University Press, Oxford (2001).

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